book, game + media illustration

kosmonatik [calendar illustration] watercolor + inks

fahrenheit 451 [book jacket illustration] graphite + photoshop

cold war [promotional illustration] graphite + photoshop

on mars vol. 02: murder at hellas planitia [book cover] graphite + photoshop

feathers in the attic [promotional illustration] graphite + photoshop

medusa | hardwired [promotional illustration] photoshop

war of the worlds [promotional illustration] graphite + photoshop

ruff & reddy [fine art print] graphite + photoshop

valhalla can wait [promotional illustration] acrylic + photoshop

jaz:rifts illustrated treatment [book cover] photoshop

naiad [fine art print] watercolor + acrylic + color pencil

velouria [book cover promo] watercolor with photoshop enhancements

cliffhanger 2 [self promo] photoshop

ivy [self promo] mixed traditional + digital media

cthulhu rising [self promo] photoshop

how i became an elephant [movie poster] watercolor + digital

one more coat oughta do it [editorial illustration] acrylic

steampunk inventor [self promo] photoshop

more [poster illustration] photoshop

shadowfall [comic book cover] acrylic + ink

vampire hunter [self promo] photoshop

closed system [music cd art] acrylic + mixed media

elf summoner [ccg illustration] watercolor + color pencil

brine fiend [ccg illustration] photoshop

celebrity [board game illustration] graphite + photoshop

shroud [fine art print] photoshop

hekate, queen of the night [promotional illustration] graphite + ink + watercolor

emerging [promotional illustration] graphite + photoshop